EMS Paramedic Necklace - Silver or Gold - Rod of Asclepius

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This EMS Necklace is the perfect piece of Jewelry to show your support of Emergency Medical Services EMTs & Paramedics. The Rod of Asclepius which is the time-honored symbol of EMS, represents the relentless effort of the men and women that help us in times of utmost emergency & need.

Comes in Silver or Gold!

The Chain length is 19" Inches. 

EMS is a vital job that only the brave can handle. Operating in high-stress environments, EMS must perform life-saving operations in the field as well as in route to hospitals. Show your appreciation for the men and women who take on this challenge and keep our nation operating in times of emergency.

This Necklace shows your respect for the men and women that provide our emergency medical services across America. To wear this EMS Necklace is to show your support for all the heroes that give this country their all.

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