Thin Gold Line Bracelet for 911 Dispatchers

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The Thin Gold Line represents the men and women who answer our calls when tragedy strikes.  The dispatchers of our nation offer a calm voice with the promise of the help we need when times of crisis occur.  The Thin Line will always stand as strong and united as the country they protect. 

We are one big family and  we are 100% behind the motto that "No One Fights Alone"  !!!

  • Show your support for our Dispatchers by wearing this unique silicone bracelet. The gold line represents the brave men and women that are the first contact, liaisons & responders to all types of emergencies.

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The Thin Gold Line Sililcone Bracelet pays homage to the 911 Dispatchers across the nation who often go unthanked for their vital service. Calming and comforting civilians over the phone while appropriately directing the emergency to the correct department does not begin to elucidate the difficulty that goes into being a dispatcher.

Show your support and thanks to the quick-thinking and level-headed men and women who keep America operating efficiently and safely. 

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